As human beings, we are hardwired for storytelling. The motto of the Center for Digital Storytelling ( is “Listen deeply. Tell stories.” Unfortunately, students and teachers in schools today often feel too time-stressed to engage in digital storytelling. Yet these projects can provide ideal opportunities for students to acquire and demonstrate the literacy skills required to thrive in the 21st Century. This presentation, part of a full day workshop on digital storytelling, attempts to “make the case” for these opinions.

Program Length: 42 min, 34 sec
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Podcast 16 Jan 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. Accompanying multimedia slideshow
  2. Workshop curriculum: The Case for Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
  3. Superb digital storytelling examples: “A History of Digital Storytelling Through Story”
  4. Grass Born to Be Stepped On: Women’s Rights in China
  5. Urban Academy: Where Testing Is Anything But Standard
  6. Mabry Middle School in Cobb County, Georgia
  7. Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the Tools of Science to Teach Science by Dr. Carl Wieman
  8. Digital Storytelling Resources
  9. The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia
  10. The making of Africa’s first female president
  11. Purchase audio tapes and CDs from the King Center

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5 Responses to Podcast30: The Case for Digital Storytelling

  1. […] Just listened to a very thought provoking podcast by Wesley Fryer entitled The Case for Digital Storytelling […]

  2. Wes, this is an awesome podcast…we’ll be doing digital storytelling in our district, and I’ve strongly encouraged the team to come check out this blog entry in particular!

  3. Nice overview of digital storytelling. Students can also do digital storytelling in wild places to tell the story of research and their own experiences in National Parks. We want to give students and teachers the chance to learn now to use inquiry based learning to see, feel, research, and share in natural settings. Students can become “powerful storytellers” by using critical thinking, media literacy, and good storytelling skills in the context of a natural setting.

    We encourage students and educators to use natural settings and cutting edge technology to learn to be the storytellers of wild places. Check out the curriculum and examples at:

  4. Dorothy Thurn says:

    I’m just beginning to learn about digital storytelling and am very interested! Do you think this is going to become more commonplace in educational institutions?

  5. Dorothy Thurn says:

    I have been viewing some of the examples and find them fascinating. They turn ordinary stories into masterpieces. The only barrier to this technology is the need to be media literate and to have access to al devices needed. I am going to try to develop a digital story but have to confess I am a little technically challenged and don’t know if I have enough resources. Anyone else finding the same?

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