The U.S. Holocaust Museum is sponsoring a Darfur Editorial-Writing Contest. According to the website:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience is asking high school and university students to write an editorial explaining to their communities why the genocide in Sudan’s western region of Darfur matters today. Students can enter their published editorials in the Committee on Conscience’s editorial contest.

The submission deadline is March 10, 2006. The USHMM website for the contest has links students can use to learn more about the crisis in Darfur (pronounced DAR-FOUR incidentally) and research both related history and current events so they can write well-informed essays.

The ongoing genocide in Darfur is not an abstraction, it is a reality. If you teach high school or university students, have them write an essay this term on a subject that really matters. Winning writers “will be flown into Washington, D.C., to join us [USHMM officials] for the annual Holocaust Days of Remembrance at the Capitol Rotunda.”

I challenge students and educators to take this editorial contest several steps further:

  1. In addition to preparing a written essay, create a digital story using PhotoStory3 or iMovie based on your written editorial.
  2. Share your digital editorial as a podcast and/or enhanced/video podcast online. (Use CC Publisher to post it free to the Internet Archive.)
  3. Enter your digital editorial about Darfur in a local digital storytelling contest.
  4. Send a DVD or VHS copy of your digital editorial to your elected national representatives and officials.
  5. As for permission to share your digital story at a local church or civic group meeting, to further educate others about the genocide in Darfur and challenge others to take action.

If you accept this challenge, and you or your students create a digital editorial about Darfur, please let me know and I’ll link your online creation here for others to view and share.

Genocide in a far away land may seem like something we can’t do anything about, but that is not true. We can and must take action.

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3 Responses to Darfur Editorial Challenge

  1. […] Additionally, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is running a similar essay contest — to be judged by Nicholas Kristof, Samantha Power and Don Cheadle — asking, “Why does the genocide in Darfur matter today?” Educator Wesley Fryer has proposed creating digital video essays as well. […]

  2. Rebecca Earls says:

    Hello I submitted in January I had no clue about the video buisness. Could some one write me and let me know if you got my paper. Also the date when you will select a winner for the contest. I would be eternally greatful thank you Rebecca Earls

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    You’ll have to contact the people doing this contest. I just posted the info on my blog, but am not actually involved in the contest.

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