I have been approached for help by someone interested in recording audio interviews with people located in the Middle East, while they are here in North America. I suggested using Skype. The person is using a Windows-computer, however, so my personal skype-recording solution (Audio Hijack Pro) won’t work for them.

I have found the software program Hot Recorder online and it looks like it will work for this purpose, and is less expensive ($15 shareware) than Audio Hijack Pro. Unfortunately, the Hot Recorder website does not render properly in Safari, but looks fine in Firefox…

Does anyone else have software recommendations for someone wanting to skypecast (record audio conversations in Skype) for later listening and publishing as podcasts? For the person in question, the podcast publishing is actually not important, they just want a way to record skype conversations. But the recording must be done on a WindowsXP computer.

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9 Responses to Skypecast from Windows with Hotrecorder

  1. Would it work using Windows Movie Maker’s capture audio? Is there a way to bring audio through that?

  2. Hey Wes. I use Powergramo. Works pretty well.

  3. Conn McQuinn says:

    Wesley, I’ve been trying out an alternative to Skype called Gizmoproject (http://www.gizmoproject.com). I’ve used it off and on for about two months, and it seems very robust, has great audio quality, conferencing, and it has a built-in recording function. I know it seems almost sacriligeous to try something other than Skype, but for recording online conversations it seems handy to have it all in one tool.

  4. Cheryl Oakes says:

    From the Webheads more info.
    Hi Cheryl
    Both Audacity and Total Recorder can save audio Internet conversations.
    Audacity is free and the final result depends on your sound card, with
    mine I have the Optin to save ” what you hear”;
    You’ll need the lame encoder to export as mp3.

    A flash tutorial:

    Total Recorder is not free;I have already used it and had good results
    “Total Recorder records streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input as
    well as CDs and DVDs. The resulting files are saved on your computer’s
    hard-drive. The system also allows users to schedule any number of
    future recordings!

    Total Recorder Standard Edition costs just $11.95 (USD).”




    On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 01:59:16 -0000
    “Cheryl Oakes” wrote:

    > Hello, This is a request made on Wes Fryer’s blog, Moving at the Speed of
    Creativity, which
    > is a great blog/podcast.
    > He is trying to help out a friend with Skype and an XP operating system.
    > If you can comment that would be great. Comments could be sent to
    > http://www.speedofcreativity.org/2006/03/27/skypecast-from-windows-with-
    > hotrecorder/#comments

  5. sashi says:

    I use PrettyMay which allow me to record Skypecasts to mp3 files,easy to use.

  6. You may also want to try MX SkypeRecorder
    http://skyperec.com/ which seems quite stable. Well, at least it never let me down unlike other apps. Hope it’ll help.

  7. You may also want to try MX SkypeRecorder
    http://skyperec.com/ which seems quite stable. Well, at least it never let me down unlike other apps. Hope it’ll help.

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