Great lesson this morning in my Friday morning men’s fellowship group. Among others, this verse was shared from 1 Samuel 12:16:

Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!

Often in my own life, I want to have “control” over things that happen and the work that I do. I am unconsciously and consciously seeking the glory for good things that happen, which I perceive as being my own work. I construct plans for my life– and on a smaller scale, for each day– and struggle to achieve them convicted that I will oppose and overcome whatever obstacles are in my path which stand in the way of the goals I have established.

My challenge today and in the future is to step aside and let God work through my life. Many, many things, from my marriage, to our children, to my present employment, were and are the work of God– not myself. His plans are far greater than my own. My challenge is to acknowledge that reality, and the far better job he can do at directing my life than I can do myself. As Dwight pointed out today, our challenge is to submit rather than commit. For in submitting, we acknowledge our vertical relationship to the Creator of all things. This is not a call to laziness or inaction, but a call to prayer. Through that prayer relationship I believe I will continue to be transformed.

I am called to step aside, stand still, and marvel at the wondrous work God has done, is doing, and will yet accomplish in our world– around me, and hopefully through me. Stepping aside is not something that comes naturally, especially to a man steeped in our Western culture and conditioned as a type-A personality to believe “you write your own destiny.” It is a counter-cultural act. But from a Biblical perspective, I think it is what we are called to do. If we do, chances are high (something in the neighborhood of 100%) that God will act through us and use us to further his kingdom here on our planet. And I think in this process, our roles are made clear to us. A big part of that role is worshipping God and giving Him the glory. Those are very good places to be and things to be doing, if you stop and think about it. Really, it’s the reason we’re all here! 🙂

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6 Responses to Standing aside

  1. AHF says:

    Love this post!
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Chris says:

    I wonder if you talked about the Good Friday events? I ask because you don’t mention the crucifixion or going to a Good Friday service – and it seems such a powerful thing NOT to mention.

  3. Michael says:

    …our challenge is to submit rather than commit. For in submitting, we acknowledge our vertical relationship to the Creator of all things.

    From where I stand, Dwight’s observations are particularly resonant. It is a challenge indeed to not only recognize, but to also pay heed that we may well write our own destiny, but we do so only by the leave of Almighty God. Wonderful lesson, Wesley. Thanks for the reminder.

    Happy Easter.

  4. taf says:

    Excellent – thanks for sharing.

  5. Wesley Fryer says:

    Chris, we didn’t specifically talk about Good Friday during the lesson in the morning, but we had about 300 kids at the church (from 4 local churches including ours) for a “Good Friday Day Camp” that was very successful. And we had a very powerful “Tenebrae Service of Darkness” / Good Friday service this evening. You are absolutely right, the message of Good Friday is a powerful one– the heart of the Gospel. It wasn’t the focus of Dwight’s lesson tho.

  6. Chris says:

    Wesley, you mentioned that your denomination is Presbyterian; I was brought up in that church but had given up on religion till God knocked me sideways while I was singing at the requiem of a friend. Since then I have been very involved in the Episcopalian church, which in Scotland is very much a minority denomination. In the diocese of Argyll and The Isles there are only 7 stipendiary clergy to cover the whole west coast and islands – and that’s where I am!
    I mention this because I have *never* experienced the kind of numbers you’re talking about. Talk about living on the edge! Have a blessed Easter when it comes.

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