As promised at Monday’s technology conference in Wichita Falls, Texas, I have posted the recorded audio files from these sessions to the web. Uncharacteristically, these are unedited versions of my presentations– I just don’t have time right now to edit, clean up, and compress these further.

The presentations were/are:

  1. Safe Classroom Blogging to Improve Student Writing
  2. Effective Search Strategies
  3. Engaging Digital Natives with Web 2.0 Tools
  4. Cultivating Digital Literacy with Classroom Podcasting

I may release one or more of these later in my actual podcast channel. If you think one or more of these is worth posting as an actual podcast, please let me know by commenting here. If you’ve been listening to my podcasts and presentations for awhile, I’m sure you’ll hear some repeated stories here. (It’s hard to come up with entirely new/fresh things to say, so forgive me for that please.)

Last thought– I had a group of over 100 teachers at the second session on effective search strategies, it was standing room only– but only about 15 people for the third session on web 2.0. I think this shows were many if not most of our teachers are today: Most teachers are still struggling with “web 1.0” technologies, and don’t realize they NEED to be moving on and learning about web 2.0. Web 2.0 is so much more exciting! 🙂

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2 Responses to Presentations from Monday

  1. David Stone says:

    I totally agree with your last 2 comments. Now we must reveal to them what is there.
    I like your Neo Earth map below-very flashy.

  2. […] My workshops last Monday in Wichita Falls drove this point home clearly: Most teachers are still not comfortable with web 1.0, and need a great deal of help learning what web 2.0 is and what it can mean for instruction in their classrooms. Web 2.0 does not require IE7 or Vista, and I question the motivation of those who would insist these are things our school districts need and (in the case of Vista) should spend money to purchase. […]

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