I presented yesterday in a videoconference about using four different websites / software programs to address security issues on Windows XP, and recorded each segment as a separate screencast. The programs/sites I discussed were Windows security updates, ZoneAlarm firewall, SpywareBlaster, and GooglePack (which includes AdAware.) The screencasts are available as Windows Media Video (WMV) files, but it does not appear the CODEC supports audio playback on a Macintosh computer. Since these are specific to the Windows platform I may not worry about converting to a Mac-friendly video format, but I want to figure out how to do this for the future.

I recorded these screencasts using SmartBoard software (free for licensed SmartBoard users) and then compressed the videos (signficantly) using free Windows Media Encoder 9 software. The Windows Media Encoder settings I used were:

  1. Convert a File
  2. For file download
  3. DVD quality video (1 Mbps VBR)
  4. Voice quality audio (CBR)

For the first video which originally was 12 min and 1 second long at 534 MB, this resulted in the following:

  1. Total bit rate: 1013 Kbps
  2. Frame Rade 29.96 fps
  3. Output size: 640×480
  4. Time: 12 min, 1 sec
  5. Original file size: 534 MB
  6. Compressed size: 24.6 MB

That is a pretty remarkable reduction in file size, and I think the size and quality is acceptable. It is just irritating that the audio won’t play from a Macintosh along with the video. (I’m using a MacBook with Flip4Mac installed.) If anyone has any suggestions on this I’m certainly open to them. It would be good if I could change the CODEC settings in Windows Media Encoder so the audio is cross-platform accessible. I didn’t try another audio setting for this series of four screencasts, just the “Voice Quality Audio’ (CBR) option.

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One Response to Security software screencasts

  1. kevin Kirwin says:

    I was able to hear the audio ok in Windows media player ver 9 on OSX 10.4
    the codecs the player reported were wm9 4kb 8kh mono

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