We’re icebound in northern Oklahoma City (Edmond where I live) with snow expected later today. Winter is falling!

Icebound in Oklahoma!

The local weather and news people live for days like this I think. It’s like we’ve had a hurricane and the news reporters are on the coastline reporting as it makes landfall, or there is a war and the reporters are on the front lines.

Schools all around us are cancelled. It’s a snow day! More accurately, it’s an “ice day,” because the conditions outside are NOT good for playing and making anything– If the ice keeps falling like it is now, I may be able to get out my hockey skates and skate all the way to WalMart about a mile away! (Thankfully we did shop and WalMart last night and stock up!)

Yesterday I was driving with one of our account managers to visit some schools in south-central Oklahoma, and we had a very interesting experience. The cold front had passed through Oklahoma City, so as we drove south we left the cold air and entered the warm air front. The temperature differential was very steep, around 30-40 degrees fahrenheit. At one point, the car suddenly (like in the time it takes you to snap your fingers) completely fogged over. The windshield wipers cleared the fog / condensation from the windshield — but the fog on the other windows remained. It was a really amazing experience!

OKC Weather Radar 30 Nov 06

Thankfully we still have electricity. Because of all the ice and continuing ice that continues to fall from the sky, it’s likely some power lines may snap. We have a good stockpile of wood at the house for wood fires if needed (and wanted), but unfortunately our camping equipment is in our popup trailer a good distance away from our home. (including our stoves.)

So for now, we’re on the Internet and I can work electronically from home. I’m sure my son and I will be taking quite a few pictures of the winter wonderland (esp once the snow starts here, which is supposed to be later today– lots of the communities around us already have snow) and post them to Flickr soon.

Winter in Oklahoma is already a lot different than winter weather in Lubbock! 🙂

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One Response to Icebound!

  1. John Martin says:

    Oh what weather fun! And yet here in New Hampshire, the day before December and we’re toying with 60 degree weather. My snowboard is feeling quite left out!



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