NPR carried an interesting piece on November 28th titled “Using the Wiki Method to Write a Business Book.” I heard this earlier in the week as I listened to the NPR Technology Podcast, which is a great collection (about 20 minutes of audio per episode) of technology stories from different programs in the past week. According to the story:

We Are Smarter Than Me isn’t your ordinary business book. It will be the first to be written by a wiki — an online community of writers. Anyone can participate.

The project was inspired, in part, by the open-source software movement and by the success of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, which is largely written and edited by its users. The promoters of We Are Smarter Than Me are hoping that they, too, can harness the online community and produce a book about how to do that in business.

The book’s wiki site ( currently shows over 2000 people registered, with 27 new registrants joining just yesterday.

This idea is innovative and forward-looking. What better way to learn about it than participate in the process?! As one of the organizers interviewed in the segment said, whether or not they end up with a high-quality end product, they are going to learn a great deal about digital collaboration in the 21st century.

Over the upcoming holidays, consider registering and joining in the team writing process! I think I will be. :-)

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