I found this image today on Flickr, piecing together images for the video I’m going to use next week at MacWorld. Anyone feel incriminated by this?!

Blog Widow t-shirt

On a day like today when I’m glued to the screen, I’m afraid I do! 🙁

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On this day..

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6 Responses to Blog widow?

  1. Another level to the geekiness of that photo – Tim Bray (co-creator of XML, which is responsible for all blogging and therefore all blog widows) is in the background on the left.

  2. Anna Adam says:

    My husband needs a “Blog Widower” t-shirt for sure.

  3. Anna Adam says:

    and sometimes my children “blog orphan”

  4. Cheryl Oakes says:

    I try and remember moderation. But, sometimes just blogging in the same room as they watch TV, I think I am vindicated. Over and Out!

  5. Wesley:

    Thanks for the comment on my post on Digital Citizenship. I am one of the 50 Google Certified Teachers and will be at MacWorld on Wednesday. I’m looking foreard to it and I’ll make sure I introduce myself. I think there is a large number of educators in the community saying the same thing now, where a critical mass can be created and push the skills of the read/write web forward.

    I am also going to use the video with our Global Communications classes. A new course we started this year to teach digital citizenship, flat classroom and other read/write web skills.

  6. Beth says:

    I agree with Anna, my kids are some times “blog orphans”. But often they and my husband leave me behind as they enter the world of warcraft.

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