The winter ice storm in Oklahoma continued today canceling (again) Frontier airline flights from Denver, so I joined my cousin and a Denver friend in a day of unexpected snow skiing at Copper Mountain. Thankfully, we were able to redeem our Frontier ticket stubs for half-price lift tickets (actually buy 1, get 1 free, but that worked out as half price.)

Devin and Wesley at Copper Mountain

The weather was bitterly cold most of the day on the mountain, with the temperature hovering between zero and 10 degrees fahrenheit.

High speed lift at Copper Mountain

That did not stop us from having a great day of skiing, however! I reflected that I had not gone snow skiing since 1995, and given the fact that I’m not in great physical shape right now I was glad to ski the greens and avoid falling down all day! Hot chocolate following our first run of the day never tasted better!

I went to school for four years in Colorado and skied a few times each year, and have been back to the mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and the Pacific Northwest a few times since. It was GREAT to be back in the mountains today, and experience the magic of skiing down a slope (in dry and warm clothes, thankfully) as snow softly fell from the sky.

I certainly counted my blessings today. It is a great opportunity to get to go snow skiing… I’m guessing it’s an activity that a relatively small percentage of people on our planet have experienced.

It was also great to enjoy the day without technology, with the exception of my cell phone that let me web-post a few pictures to Flickr early in the day before the battery died. (It didn’t like the cold.) No iPod, no computers or handhelds with WiFi access (although it was available on the mountain.) I love opportunities to get out and experience the majestic wonder of the outdoors. đŸ™‚

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3 Responses to Cold day in Colorado

  1. John Martin says:

    Thanks for kicking some of this terrific weather our way, we might actually get a moderate (6-12″) snowfall for the first time this winter season. Our ski areas are taking a big hit and my snowboard just stares at my forlornly every time I go to work!

    There’s something to be said for pulling the plug every once in a while!


  2. Joe Miller says:


    Too bad your travel plans were hampered, but there is no better way to spend than day than at Copper Mountain!


  3. Cheryl Oakes says:

    Yeah Wes,
    Thanks for sending snow to Maine. We have from 2 inches in southern Maine to over 12 inches in the mountains. I’ll be checking out the snow next weekend.

    Cheryl Oakes

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