I love this quotation, which I found on the sidebar of Mike Temple’s blog:

You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note. – Doug Floyd

Amen. Let’s celebrate diverse voices and perspectives. It’s quite boring to live in an echo chamber or another environment where everyone is expected to look the same, act the same, be the same…..

Biodiversity and human diversity are causes to celebrate and explore, not oppose and extinguish!

diversity chart

Appropriately differentiating learning opportunities for diverse learners is perhaps the most challenging as well as most important role of the classroom teacher.

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  • Hi Wesley. I came across this post thanks to a link from Stephen Downes’s OLDaily. I really like the graphic!

    However, something is tickling at the back of my mind: I know your name. Well, more accurately, I know the name Wes Fryer. Where from? I’m sure there are others in the world with the same name, but it’s not a common enough combination to be dismissed as pure co-incidence. Are you maybe a songwriter/lyricist in your spare time? Because I have a feeling it has some connection with music…

  • Karyn, I wish I could say I am a songwriter and lyricist, but the limit of my musical abilities to date has been singing in some choirs, taking a few piano lessons when I was in college, and making a few loop-based songs in Garageband. I would love to further develop my interest in instrumental music, and have considered taking piano again with my 9 year old in a group class this year, but that’s about all I have to report on the musical/songwriting front for now! Sorry!

  • Hello,

    A local man starts visiting a Thai temple in the UK to listen to the monks chanting. One day he expresses appreciation, saying the sound is more harmonious than before. A monk expresses surprise and replies that it is only because one of the chanters has a cold – the chanting should be in one voice!

    I think diversity requires discernment.

    – Paul

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