This podcast features an interview with my mother, Angie Fryer, recorded in a coffeeshop in Manhattan, Kansas on March 2, 2007, following the MACE conference. For several years now, my mother has read and subscribed to a number of blogs from a diverse group of people including U.S. students studying abroad in other countries, milbloggers written by a wide variety of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen serving overseas and in the United States, and others. Most recently she has been reading a variety of cooking blogs, and enjoys incorporating new recipies and cooking ideas into her own cooking at home. My mom is a lifetime learner, and exemplifies the idea that digital learners can be of any age. This interview also helped me realize the similarities between good cooking and good teaching: Master chefs like master teachers use recipies and lesson plans as guidelines to craft worthwhile experiences for others. Many thanks to my mom for agreeing to this interview! Feedback on her thoughts and perspectives are welcome, she’ll be checking this podcast post for comments!



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One Response to Podcast139: Powerful and Meaningful Connections from Blogging International Students, MilBloggers, and Others (An interview with Angie Fryer)

  1. This morning while I was exercising, I was catching up a few podcasts. I had gotten a bit behind unfortunately. It seems it is that time of the semester and I always feel like I am playing catch up. I always enjoy to Wesley’s Podcasts and Blog and on March 12, the interview with your mom was super. Interviewing your, how cool is that!

    I love to cook, so of course, I was interested the long list of cooking blog suggestions and on my goodness, what a gold mind I found. Thanks Angie Fryer!!

    And then, I explored some of the Military Blogs you spoke about. My curiosity was peaked. There are so many interesting stories on these blogs. I had not been exploring any military blogs yet, but plan to continue with a few Angie recommended. Very interesting reading and I agree with her, some of these military bloggers are wonderful writers.

    Thanks for all the great resources!!!

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