This podcast features an interview this evening with my cousin, Devin Henley, who become an enthusiastic iPhone owner at 6:15 pm US central time on June 29, 2007. Devin discusses his initial impressions of the iPhone, gives an overview of its applications and features, and reviews the process of setting up his iPhone and syncing email, calendar and address book data from his laptop. Bottom line: The iPhone is amazing! The Safari web browser does appear to be the killer application. (Along with the phone and iPod functionality!) The progress of handheld, disruptive technologies marches on. The variety of CONSTRUCTIVE uses the iPhone will support is amazing to contemplate. Web 2.0 (read/write web) technologies are truly going mobile with the iPhone. How are teachers and administrators going to keep iPhone owning students engaged in class at school without banning the devices? Hopefully they’ll choose to embrace interactive, collaborative educational activities (school 2.0) instead of taking a more reactionary approach.

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  1. Macsurf: Devin’s next generation web hosting company
  2. Apple’s iPhone website
  3. AT&T’s iPhone website
  4. Plaxo
  5. Twitter
  6. iPhone: The Killer App is Safari (PC World blog post)
  7. iPhone Frequently Asked Questions (from AT&T)
  8. 95 Theses for New Millennium Learning

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7 Responses to Podcast166: iPhone First Impressions from Devin Henley

  1. Good idea for a podcast … the iPhone’s been a long time in coming … it was predicted back in 1979

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  3. Wesley,
    Thanks for the peek at th eiPhone. Man I got to get me one of those!

  4. Maya Bentz says:

    Thanks to your enthusiastic posts and a podcast I am a happy owner of the new iPhone. I love it!

  5. Jim Cottrell says:

    Apple is great at producing fun shiny things that occupies us. I guess I’m failing to understand the hype. My question is what can an iPhone do that a Treo hasn’t been doing for years. What if Palm was as good at marketing as Apple or Blackberry? The Treo would have set the bar much higher and all our phones would be way ahead of where they are now. The Palm operating system is dated, but I read that it is being replaced with Linux. It may not be as pretty, but an opensource, Linux phone is what I’m waiting for.

  6. Wesley Fryer says:

    I had a chance to play with iPhones at both a local AT&T wireless store and our OKC Apple store this weekend. The big difference between a Treo and other smartphone, from what I can tell so far, is the web browser. The iPhone has a completely different UI for web browsing than other handhelds. That’s what I find so exciting so far… My own is set to arrive next Tuesday, so I’m sure I’ll post some more thoughts / reactions after I am able to use it at length. I think a Linux phone sounds good, but given the need for phones to interface with paid cellular networks I wonder if we’ll see those develop anytime soon?

  7. Jim Cottrell says:

    I hope I didn’t appear to rip on the iPhone. The no buttons bit is really cool. The iPhone’s solid competition with Windows Mobile is what excites me the most. The Safari browser may be the core of this competition. I hope Opera Mobile doesn’t prop-up Windows Mobile in the area of web browsing. (I imagine Opera runs via Windows Mobile, but I could be wrong.)

    The Treo already operates with the paid cellular networks. This functionality may just be paired with a PDA that can run Linux. It looks like the Linux Treo is less than a year away.

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