This podcast is a recording (the first of three parts) I made on August 6, 2007, of a workshop for Irving ISD teachers on “Using Google and Yahoo Tools for Educational Research and Collaboration.” Google for Educators ( and Google Labs ( include a wealth of powerful, free tools for learners. Yahoo also provides powerful, free learning tools. These permit streamlined Internet research, connecting ideas, hyperlinks and data with geographic places on earth, collaboratively authoring documents with options to share the results with others, creating web pages with a web browser, and more. In this session we’ll explore Google Notebook, Google Reader, Google Earth, Google News Alerts, Google SMS, and more!

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  1. Linked wiki curriculum for this workshop
  2. Links referenced in this session shared as a public Google Notebook

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9 Responses to Podcast176: Part 1 – Using Google and Yahoo Tools for Educational Research and Collaboration

  1. Charlene says:

    Thanks for always encouraging me to think!!

    BTW… Tagging you for the 8 random things meme!

  2. Fred says:


    Listening to your lates podcast in the car on my way to work and you asked people to get back to you saying where their from – well – Drogheda in Ireland. A town just north of the country’s capital city Dublin.
    Keep up the very good work.


  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Wow, that is amazing Fred. Thanks for letting me know. I certainly would never have guessed! I’m surprised to see this podcast has had over 1500 downloads 14 hours after being posted…. I think that may be a new channel record. Most importantly, I’m glad you’re finding the ideas useful. I appreciate the feedback! 🙂

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    Charlene: Thanks for the tag– I responded to this meme last week. 🙂

  5. Jim Cottrell says:

    Collaborating on notebooks could produce a lot of learning for everyone involved. Creating notebooks to guide learners could also be a powerful tool. It seems collaborators would need computers with Google Notebook installed before they could contribute to a notebook. Learners could have a USB drive containing a portable browser like Firefox with Google Bookmarks installed to get around this problem (if this is allowed). This way they could add to notebooks as well as access their own notebook’s saved content on Computers that don’t have Google Notebook installed.

  6. Wesley Fryer says:

    Jim: It is not necessary to install anything to use Google Notebook, however, if you install the “browser extension” for either IE on Windows or Firefox on Windows or Macintosh it makes the process easier… All the notebook data is saved on Google’s servers, so there is really no need for someone to need a USB drive.

  7. JMG says:

    Wesley – I read your Blog and have learned a great deal! You asked for feedback…… your Podcasts take too much time in the intros……I usually only have a few minutes and I am so anxious to get to your words of wisdom! The intros are almost all the time I have… loss!


  8. Wesley,

    Thank you for your great podcasts. You wanted to know where I listened to the longer version, well this weekend, I listened while taking a break at the pool.

  9. Midge Frazel says:

    Listening to your three associated podcasts on my new iPod is helping me formulate ideas for topic and ideas for a new book proposal. I like your introductions (perhaps a bit too long) because they help me
    understand what you are thinking about the differences in the areas of the country where you are speaking and teaching and contain a reaction to the basic understanding and experience of the adult learners

    I still feel teachers need more exposure to tools and how and why they need to use them.

    By the way, I live in Bridgewater, MA

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