Thanks to the EduTopia staff for the mention in their September 2007 article, “Edublogs We Love: Ten Top Stops for Internet Interaction- These Web sites are the cornerstones of a vast online educational community.”

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5 Responses to EduTopia mention

  1. Not hard to be mentioned in a list that features only American bloggers.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Yes, I did notice the group was not international too…

  3. Jim Daly says:

    Indeed, it’s not an international list. And there’s a simple reason for that. Frankly, we can’t judge blogs whose language we don’t understand. There may be some excellent Chinese, French, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Japanese, etc. edublogs, and – if so – please tell us about them. Stephen: send us your favorite international blogs. Sounds like you have some ideas. We can include them in our international issue (best ideas from educational communities around the world) which will come out in February. Meanwhile, there are plenty of US edublogs worth crowing about.

    Jim Daly
    Editor in Chief, Edutopia

  4. I would rather not single out a few ‘favorite’ blogs – but I can point to the very international list of edublogs I look at, several hundred of them, all in English (people speak excellent English outside the United States, you’d be amazed).

  5. Jim Daly says:

    Thanks, Stephen. Much appreciated and very helpful. We can get this list in our international issue which, as I noted earlier, comes out in a few months.

    Anyway, this list was meant to be nothing more than what the title implies: Edublogs We Love. I wouldn’t read any dark jingoism into it. We solicited input on favorite blogs from many folks, and these were the ones most often cited. Guess we need to look past our own borders, though. Thanks for the reminder.

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