Following the guidelines of the 2007 K-12 Online Conference professional development committee’s posted rubric, I’ve used Gabcast this afternoon/evening to reflect on Liz Kolb’s wonderful presentation yesterday “Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools.”

I have created a new blog on Blogger (for free of course) for my professional development reflections, for the K12Online07 conference as well as other PD that may come up in the future. I titled this “Wesley Fryer’s PD Reflection Blog.” I’ve posted my reflection about Liz’s presentation there, but I’m also using the provided “embed” code from Gabcast to share a Flash-player link to the reflection directly here. The reflection is about 20 minutes long.

Gabcast! K12Online07 Reflections by Wesley Fryer #7 – PD Reflection for Liz Kolb’s K12Online07 preso “Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools”

Following the rubric created by the K12Online07 professional development committee, this is my reflection on Liz’s excellent presentation.

What a FANTASTIC presentation this was by Liz. WOW!!! I highly recommend this session, I am going to start implementing some of the ideas and suggestions Liz shared this week on a field trip I’m taking with some scouts to a local history museum on Thursday, and with my 5th grade Sunday School students on Sunday! Who would have imagined we have such power in the palm of our hands when we are holding a cell phone! Thanks for opening up my mind to so many learning and authoring possibilities, Liz!

In addition to downloading and listening to Liz’s presentation, be sure to check out her supporting links on her wiki site as well as her personal blog, “From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Schools.”

(The link on Liz’s presenter page to her blog for K12Online07 is currently broken, if you access it before it gets fixed you’ll need to truncate the dot and slash at the end. Or just use my direct link to her blog above!)

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3 Responses to PD Reflection and Reflection on Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools

  1. Liz Kolb says:

    Hi Wes
    Glad to hear that there was not too much traffic on the road while you were podcasting 🙂

    Wow! Wes, you really made my day! Thank you for taking the time to give such thoughtful feedback on my presentation. It is helpful to hear how the presentation may translate into useful applications for the audience (especially in this particular conference where we have such diverse participants). Additionally the feedback means a lot to me coming from you, since I really admire your work in the web2.0 field. I often reference your wiki (this has been a FANTASTIC resource for me) and blog in my own teaching. Thank you also for the recommendation to AT&T! And referencing Dan, I will be looking him up.

    I love the “distributed recording” concept! If you don’t mind I am going to borrow it when I am doing cell phone podcasting with my students!

    I will also try to add more examples of what teachers are doing with podcasts on my blog as they happen. I’ve always found the “real world” examples in presentations very helpful as well.

    I would love to hear how your cell phone tool “testing” goes over the next few weeks. I definitely have my favorites and would love to hear/read about your reactions to these resources.

    I have to say I also agree with you on the concept of “citizen journalism.” I never consider this aspect of cell phone podcasting, but I definitely see your vision of how it could be implemented.

    I am working on a book with ISTE (it should be coming out soon, the manuscript is done) called Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning. The book has many of the ideas and resources discussed in the presentation as well as more goodies such as addressing concerns on using cell phones in learning, classroom management ideas, and PreK-5th grade learning ideas.

    Again, Wes I cannot thank you enough for such a glowing recommendation of my presentation.

  2. Cathy Nelson says:

    I loved the how to’s immediately followed by GREAT examples for use in a classroom. You ROCK Liz. I think we all will be trying these tools out. Most impressive! Kudos to the organizers for selecting this one!

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Kudos to the blind review committee for the “New Tools” strand of K12Online07 for selecting Liz’ preso! The conveners did not select presos, the blind review committees did… and they did a GREAT job, as demonstrated by the high quality of our presenter’s sessions! 🙂 How amazing to have such realtime dialog with you, Liz, after just hearing your presentation today. I could NOT have done this without Gabcast. I love it! 🙂

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