I’m sharing the keynote address Monday morning in Tulsa at the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association’s annual conference. The theme of the conference is “Web 2.0 in Education,” and the title of my keynote is “Inventing the Future: Safely Empowering Learners In the Read/Write Society.” This is a completely different rewrite of the session I shared with the same title at the Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai in September, and different content-wise from last Friday’s keynote at the Southwest TechForum in Austin.

My presentation slides are available as a PDF file (17 MB) if you’d like to check them out in advance of (or after) Monday’s keynote, scheduled to begin at 9:00 am US Central time (3:00 PM 5 November 2007 GMT). I’m going to use Ustream.tv again to broadcast the keynote live on the web and record it. I’ll try to do a better job keeping myself centered in front of the iSight camera! The Ustream show address will remain the same as last week, here is the embed code in case you want to watch it from my blog.

I’ll try to follow the chat as well a little better than I did last Friday at TechForum:

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4 Responses to ODLA Keynote Monday – Live and Recorded

  1. Wes, thanks for sharing! A suggestion: have you thought of using the Compress PDF option under PDF when you print off your Mac? You know the dialogue box when you hit print, then go select PDF? I had an 18 meg preso that shrunk down to 3.5 megs. Thought this might be the same for your PDFs. Even though we have unlimited space/bandwidth, smaller is still better!


    Wishing you well on your presentation today!

    Up too darn early,

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    That is a great idea Miguel, but unfortunately I don’t see an option “compress PDF” when I go to print in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. This is what I see:

    Keynote - Print - Save as PDF

    I have been using the File – Export as PDF option from Keynote, and I agree the file size is ridiculously large. I used to have access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat to compress files like this but don’t know… I’d love to compress and make this smaller. Do you think I should see that “compress PDF” option? Is there something I can install to provide that option?


  3. Wes, hmm…I have that option but don’t know why. Check screenshot at

    When I get a moment, I’ll figure it out.

    Take care,

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