After spending literally HOURS over the past several months trying to get Plaxo synchronization to work between my address book contacts and calendar items stored in 3 places (Outlook on Office 2003 on WinXP, My Yahoo email and calendar, and my Mac OS 10.5 address book and calendar) I’ve thrown up my hands in frustration and am abandoning Plaxo. Please disregard my positive comments shared about Plaxo previously here, here, here and here. This is the message I submitted to Plaxo after cancelling my free trial / premium subscription today:

I have spent HOURS trying to get Plaxo to sync my calendar and contacts across three platforms: My Outlook contacts and calendar on Office 2003 / WinXP, my Yahoo email account and calendar, and my address book and iCal in Mac OS 10.5. I’m giving up. Thanks for trying to offer this service, but it has been frustrating to deal with all the duplications in the calendar which are NOT removed even with your premium service. The “deduper” for contacts DID work, but I can’t waste any more time trying to get the calendar sync to work. I’m abandoning Plaxo, have cancelled my Premium trial subscription, and am not interested in trying your service again. I am going to use the free tools provided by Yahoo for synchronization of Outlook XP calendar and address book contacts, as well as the free iTunes Yahoo address book sync options. I’m just going to access my Yahoo calendar from my iPhone over the web and stop using iCal for now. If Apple provides a Yahoo to iCal sync solution I’ll use that, but I am NOT using Plaxo again on any of the computer platforms I use.

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  2. mattbucher says:

    An alternative might be Airset.

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