This podcast features excerpts of the conversation during an unconference session facilitated by Will Richardson at the Learning 2.0 Conference in Shanghai, China, in September 2007. Although there were many more participants, the only ones whose permission I was able to obtain to share their comments were Clay Burell and Ken Carroll. For that reason, I have edited out comments by the other participants. Despite these omissions, I think you’ll find the commentary and dialog by Clay and Ken both thought provoking and challenging. How can we avoid using blogs as electronic means for turning in homework? (I’ve heard of learning management systems at some colleges becoming basically more sophisticated mechanisms for exchanging file attachments, which is a similar problem.) How can we avoid, to use Clay’s term, “schooliness” in our use of web 2.0 tools? Is a more inquiry-based pedagogy of learning feasible in our climate of high stakes accountability, and in many contexts a focus on AP test preparation? Is there an agenda for educational change, and if so, how do we understand it and the ways web 2.0 tools can facilitate its advance?


Show Notes:

  1. Clay Burell’s blog: Beyond School
  2. Ken Carroll’s podcast: ChinesePod
  3. Ken Carroll’s website: Praxis Language (integrated language learning programs)
  4. Learning 2.0 Conference Ning (Shanghai, China)

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One Response to Podcast216: Conversations about Classroom Blogging, Instructional Change, and Schooliness by Clay Burell and Ken Carroll

  1. Clay Burell says:

    Thanks for this, Wes. The part that really makes me feel good is hearing myself talk about the “glaring weakness” of edublogging: the absence of student voices.

    That was in September.

    It took 3 months, but that talk did turn to action with my launch of the Students 2.0 edublog. I urge your readers and listeners to check it out.

    And, lest someone take this for boasting, let me underline that I want it instead to be taken as this: an example of how easy it can be to take action and do stuff to push the envelope.

    I’d also like to add that you have been instrumental in my own growth, Wes. Thanks for your tireless work. It made a difference with this teacher.

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