This podcast is a recording of a thirty minute skype connection I made to GT teachers in Ector County Schools, Odessa, Texas, on January 18, 2008. The focus of my presentation was making the case for using and supporting blended learning tools and learning methodologies in the 21st century classroom. There are an enormous array of web 2.0 tools and resources available, but we do not need to jump right to the “point and click” conversation if educators (and educational leaders) are not on board understanding REASONS traditional teaching methods need to change as well as the pedaogogic assumptions which should undergird those methods and tools. These speaking points are included on the wiki curriculum for the presentation, Creating, Collaborating, and Blending Learning in the 21st Century Infoverse. I am including a link to that page in the podcast shownotes. These five reasons I discussed include ENGAGEMENT, RESEARCHED-BASED METHODS FOR IMPROVING STUDENT LEARNING / ACHIEVEMENT, DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING, AUDIENCE, and REAL WORLD SKILLS (21st century skills.) This podcast includes a musical shoutout to Eric Langhorst, the 2008 Missouri State Teacher of the Year. Give a listen and learn why I’m compelled to include the song “There’s No Where Like Nebraska” as my musical transition in this episode. 🙂


Show Notes:

  1. Creating, Collaborating and Blending Learning in the 21st Century Infoverse
  2. Speaking of History: The Blog and Podcast of Eric Langhorst (2007/2008 Missouri State Teacher of the year)
  3. Lyrics (on WikiPedia) for “There’s No Place Like Nebraska” (aka “Dear Old Nebraska U”)

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One Response to Podcast217: Making the Case for Blended Learning

  1. Wes – Thanks for being such a great sport and thanks for all that you do for the edu podcast community. You consistently have great podcasts with content that helps teachers around the world. Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle at NCCE in February.


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