At the invitation of Scott Meech and other educators participating in the 2008 ProTecht collaborative project focusing on “digital citizenship,” I’m starting the process of responding to student questions that have been posted to a project blog and reposted on the project wiki. When Scott first asked if I’d be willing to share a live, interactive presentation with students on the topic of digital citizenship, my first thought was that we should precede the live videoconference with some blended learning Q&A: Having students pose questions in text and video formats, and then replying with text and video as well. Not only would this prior interaction make our live chat more valuable and worthwhile, but it could also model for others the way that synchronous and asynchronous tools can be used in a BLENDED fashion to provide more robust and worthwhile opportunities for learning as well as collaboration with people separated by space and time. Here are some of my initial video responses to student questions, which I’ve posted to YouTube in a playlist I’ve titled “Digital Citizenship.” Each video is also downloadable in QuickTime format from my blog site, in the event YouTube is not accessible from your location or one of the participant’s locations.

A couple of notes: I recorded these videos using QuickTime Pro, but noticed after I uploaded the first one to YouTube that my audio and video tracks were out of sync on the transcoded, online Flash version. To remedy this, I imported the videos into iMovie ’08 and used the “Share to YouTube” feature to directly publish them to YouTube without audio/video sync problems. I noticed iMovie uploaded them in mp4 format, so I’m thinking YouTube’s transcoding to Flash algorithm must prefer mp4 to mov format for some reason. I’m hoping to record several more responses tomorrow, but this is what I have so far.

Introduction and Thanks: Starting the ProTecht 2008 Conversation – 3:11 (YouTube or QuickTime)

What Is Digital Citizenship? – 9:24 (YouTube or QuickTime)

I’ve started a new page on the project wiki which includes links to these questions and video responses, and will continue to update that page with additional video links as I am able to create and share them.

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3 Responses to Digital Citizenship Video Q&A: Round 1

  1. Hey Wesley-

    Great responses to the student questions! Looking forward to sharing these with our students tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to participate with our students in our efforts to explore the notion of digital citizenship.

    We look forward to both the asynchronous and synchronous conversations with you, Wes!


    Matt Montagne
    University School of Milwaukee

  2. Perfectly stated! I like your challenge to learners they they must be aware of their responsibiliters leading the pack and that they need to think about the possibilities of reaching out to a global community!

    Being a digital citizen of the 21st Century is exciting and offers wonderful opportunities.

    This will be an interesting project to watch!
    Carol VanHook
    Teacher Librarian — SE Polk High

  3. […] relating to digital citizenship the past few weeks, and I’ve been able to respond (in round 1 and round 2) to 7 of the 27 questions they posted asychronously prior to today’s live […]

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