This podcast is a recorded interview with Megan and Emily of GenYES at the NCCE 2008 conference in Seattle, Washington, on February 29, 2008. GenYES offers several programs to involve students meaningfully in the ongoing provision of technical and instructional technology support in schools, as well as involve students in decisionmaking processes which concern educational technologies. In addition to learning technical skills, students involved in GenYES programs learn and refine their interpersonal skills working with both teachers and peers. Students have opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership skills through their participation in the program, and as Emily (a graduate of a school which implemented GenYes) attests in this podcast, those skills are important in virtually all job roles into which students will transition following high school. If your school, district, educational collaborative, or state is not already utilizing GenYes’s programs and curriculum, carefully consider doing so in the near future.


Show Notes:

  1. Generation Yes
  2. TechYES – Student Technology Literacy Certification Program
  3. Generation Yes Blog
  4. NCCE 2008 website

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2 Responses to Podcast232: Compelling Reasons to Involve Students in Technical and Instructional Technology Support with GenYES and TechYES

  1. […] Link to the podcast. – Compelling Reasons to Involve Students in Technical and Instructional Technology Support with GenYES and TechYES […]

  2. Hi Wes,

    Thanks for the opportunity! Emily and I had a great time discussing how students can play a large role in providing support for their teachers, IT staff and peers. Thank you for all of your support with Generation YES programs. See you in San Antonio!


    Megan Evander

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