This podcast is a recording of a conversation I had with Kamala Jolly-Stewart of Mid-Del Schools in Midwest City, Oklahoma. For some time, I have viewed the ability of individuals with access to digital technologies and the web to publish their ideas and voices DIRECTLY on the global stage of the Internet as the ability to “publish at will.” The publish at will challenge for schools and colleges has multiple facets. For school leaders who understand the value of blended learning and distributed learning, it is very important to determine how ALL teachers, instructors and professors can be enabled to relatively easily publish their lectures, handouts, and other media files directly to the web in a user-friendly podcast feed to which students can subscribe using their desktop computers, laptop computers, or portable devices like iPhones. Creating a podcast in a program like GarageBand or Audacity can be relatively straightforward, but it can still require a lot of “clicks” of the mouse. How can this process be streamlined? How can coursecasting for an entire school, department, or college be enabled? Podcast Producer is part of the new Macintosh Operating System 10.5 (Leopard) Server and utilizes the free Mac OS 10.5 desktop client utility “Podcast Capture” to solve the publish at will challenge. The Mid-Del school district is starting the third year of professional development for educators in the district’s “Pod Squad,” but adding the ability to utilize Podcast Producer as a publishing process instead of using iWeb. (An application included in the iLife software suite.) Kamala and I discussed the background of Mid-Del’s Pod Squad, why they are utilizing Podcast Producer, what we understand to be the capabilities of this solution, and the questions we have moving forward into the implementation phase of this digital media publishing project.


Show Notes:

  1. Podcast Producer
  2. Episode Podcast (accepts and transcodes to all major video formats with Podcast Producer)
  3. Mid-Del Schools PodSquad Podcasts
  4. Mid-Del Schools Technology Plan (on Wikispaces)
  5. Mid-Del Schools, Oklahoma
  6. “Connected” movie from Abilene Christian University (learning where everyone has an iPhone)
  7. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project
  8. Echo360
  9. Duke Digital Initiative

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