I’ve been using the website 43actions to keep track of my personal to-do lists for a few weeks now. Today I visited with two friends who are using reQall and Toodledo for their personal to-do lists, and both like the tools a great deal. None of these tools (as far as I know) are configured to be used by groups, however, just individuals. Short of utilizing full-blown project management software, does anyone know of a website offering group “to-do list” functionality? I’m thinking of something which would permit tasks to be defined, assigned to individuals, and tracked per specified deadlines. This sounds like a great application for Google Labs to tackle! Does anyone know of group “to-do list” webapps which are available today? (And preferably free!)

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  • Check out http://www.rememberthemilk.com It’s free, has the ability to share with groups and you can add to the list from a bunch of other services.

  • David Navis

    I’ve been pretty successful at use Google calendar and Google Docs for group work. Although it is a bit cumbersome at times (multiple clicks verses a one-click universe)it has worked.

  • Excellent, thanks Kern!

    David, I would love to see a group task tool integrated into Google Calendar. I’m using a wiki for a project I’m on but would really like to track tasks by person and deadline in a more sophisticated way than Google Calendar or Docs requires. I am LOVING the web form functionality of Google Spreadsheets now though. Wow. It is superb.

  • tanya baumgardner

    I use Google Notebook daily. It has tabs, the ability to attach links and pics, and can easily be shared. I am currently doing a project with three other teachers and I use the sharing option to include them in the work. There’s even a highlighting tool so that we can “cross off” the work in our list as it is completed. I love it!

  • Tonya: Being able to collaboratively cross off tasks and highlight things in Google Notebook is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this!

  • This one might work for you as well: http://hiveminder.com/splash/

  • Excellent. Hiveminder looks close to what I am looking for! 🙂

  • I’ve been using Google Calendar, as well, to get things done. It emails the agenda list to my inbox every morning, and if by the end of the day I haven’t completed something… I move it to the next day in the calendar. This works great for me, but more robust features would be welcome.

    Google Notebook sounds interesting… I’ll have to try that out.

  • I was just going to suggess Hiveminder but I see someone else already suggested it. In the vein, have you had a chance to check it out and see if it met your needs? This might simplify by combining a few web services into one.


  • Kim: I haven’t checked it out fully yet but I do plan to!

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  • Dany

    Check out http://taskmit.com
    Seems like it’s exactly what you are looking for.

  • John

    Except that it doesn’t exist yet… Oh, but it will exist sooner for you if you share it with other?… Right. I’ll get right on that – sharing the non-existent service…

  • A really easy to use to do list manager would be cctodo available at cctodo.com. Its easy and very simple to use. I think it does support group to do’s. If it does not I think the solution would be a project collab tool more like basecamp.

  • Rob MacLuan

    Still doesn’t exist.

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