I saw Will Richardson’s post about PicLens today, and then received the following email from an intern at Cooliris, the company which developed PicLens.

Hi Wesley,

My name is Luna and I’m a Stanford student interning at Cooliris. Your blog always has great topics for educators and I thought that you’d be interested in our free browser add-on, PicLens.

PicLens features a full-screen interactive 3D Wall that revolutionizes the way images are viewed on the web. With PicLens, viewers can seamlessly browse thousands of images and videos in seconds. It’s a great tool at schools. Students can easily and quickly conduct visual research with PicLens and teachers can utilize the PicLens to give PowerPoint presentations through the captivating and fluid display.

Words can’t quite do PicLens justice so here is a link to a visual demo: http://piclens.com/demo. To find out how to use PicLens to display PowerPoint presentation, please visit http://blog.cooliris.com.

I hope you and your readers enjoy PicLens. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

All the Best,
Luna and The Cooliris Team

I rarely respond to email announcements like this, but I did in this case. (Hopefully this will not result in a deluge of additional email. I’ve got enough!) What can I say? WOW.

PicLens search for "golden retriever"

Thanks to some very clever programming and the power of user-created tagged images, PicLens provides a potentially amazing portal into virtually any place or topic. Want to tap the power of visual literacy to explore a subject with your students? Give PicLens a try. (Of course Flickr will have to be unblocked in your location…..)

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One Response to Behold the power of photo tagging

  1. Adrian Bruce says:

    Hey Wes,

    Luna must have had a busy morning 🙂


    Adrian Bruce

    PS Throw ‘Sydney’ into the Flickr search of Piclens

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