This podcast is a recording of a conversation I had this evening over iChat with Carol Anne McGuire, discussing her experiences helping kids soar with their learning using a variety of project-based learning, collaboration and technologically-infused teaching methods. Carol Anne is the architect of the successful “Rock Our World” project, and has helped students create some of the most compelling podcasts I’ve heard to date. (Her students’ “Mother’s Day Podcasts” are some of my favorites.) In our conversation Carol Anne discusses the importance of community building between students in collaborative projects, the importance of high expectations for student learning, and the prospects she now faces at a new school where she has been challenged in imagineer the ideal classroom learning environment for both students and teachers. We hope to follow-up this conversation with part 3 in this series, which will be a live webcast discussing these ideas and inviting others to share their perspectives about what the ideal classroom learning environment might look like in the 21st century. We also might put together a presentation on this topic for the “NotK12OnlineConference” event later this year. 🙂


Show Notes:

  1. Carol Anne McGuire on Twitter
  2. Rock Our World Project by Carol Anne McGuire
  3. Podcast276: Imagineering the Ideal K-6 Classroom Learning Environment (Part 1)
  4. Podcasts from the VI Room (Carol Anne’s classroom)
  5. Simple Podcasting on a Global Scale (Carol Anne’s January 2007 presentation at MacWorld)
  6. Hall Davidson
  7. iMovie
  8. Podcast230: Free Content + Open Tools + Massive Collaboration = Learning for All by Karen Fasimpaur
  9. Curriki
  10. Idea: Encourage your students to edit and contribute to WikiPedia!
  11. iChat and Audio Hijack Pro (programs used to record this conversation)

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