This podcast features an impromptu interview with Dr. Peter Sherwood of Oklahoma State University, who is the proud owner of a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier automobile powered by both CNG (Compressed Natual Gas) as well as regular gasoline. Dr. Sherwood explained how he came to purchase this amazing car and the benefits of it (CNG is currently $1.19 per gallon in Oklahoma and yields about 30 miles to the gallon in his car.) I never knew cars like this existed until today. I had heard of CNG-powered cars, but assumed they were not “dual fuel.” Now I want to find a company which can relatively inexpensively install a dual-fuel setup for me in my old 1993 Toyota Camry!


Show Notes:

  1. The practical car of the future today: Natural gas AND gasoline powered! (blog post)
  2. Natural Gas Car (Flickr photo set)
  3. Dr Peter Sherwood’s page at Oklahoma State University
  4. StoryChasers (empowering responsible digital citizenship)
  5. Oklahoma Creativity Project
  6. 2004 Alternative Fuel: Hybrid Vehicle Guide
  7. Natural Gas Vehicle (WikiPedia article)
  8. The biggest and best forum on the web for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)
  9. The Pickens Plan (official website)
  10. Pickens Plan Community (powered by Ning)
  11. Pickens Plan (WikiPedia article)
  12. Hydrogen Economy (WikiPedia article)
  13. Hydrogen Vehicle (WikiPedia article)

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