This podcast is a bit of an ecclectic mix of ideas, song snippets, and educational project ideas. Foundationally, these relate to the idea that we’re going to have an enduring need to help younger students as well as older learners use digital tools in powerful, appropriate, and constructive ways. Whether we use the words citizen journalist, digital witness, storychaser, or ethical digital citizen, the ideas of responsibly using media to publish at will on the global stage of the Internet are included. The prospect of the Heartland Flyer Amtrak train being extended from Oklahoma City to Kansas City in less than two years will open up some exciting possibilities for a summer digital media travel experience for teachers and students in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The Storychaser’s Peace Train would begin in Saint Louis and end in Fort Worth, providing opportunities for student-teacher teams to develop and refine their own storychasing skills alongside others from around our nation. Stopping in small, rural communities along the way to learn local history and interview community members, to videoconference “live” back to home communities via satellite-based videoconferencing units, and “sharing the journey” with others via photo sharing, video sharing, and blogging would all be part of the Storychaser’s Peace Train experience. Who knows where these dreams and our digital connections will take us in the months and years ahead? Perhaps the Storychaser’s Peace Train will be passing through a small town near you soon.

Show Notes:

  1. Railroads and virtual connections
  2. Roads of Learning in the 21st Century (v 1.0)
  3. Roads of Learning in the 21st Century (on
  4. Storychasing the 2008 XIT Rodeo and Ranch
  5. 72 Years of Free Barbeque (StoryChasers video)
  6. Lessons Learned from two more remote webcasts
  7. RoundTrips: Interactive Video Conferencing from Anywhere (Lewis and Clark trail –
  8. Reflections about old jails, land appraisal, and high speed infrastructure in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
  9. An Oklahoma City to Kansas City Amtrak Connection may be coming!
  10. Cottonwood Falls Kansas (Flickr Set)
  11. Heartland Flyer Train (Amtrak)
  12. City of New Orleans (song)
  14. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices
  15. The Digital Citizenship Website
  17. Contact Wesley Fryer

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7 Responses to Podcast299: Dreaming of the Storychaser’s Peace Train

  1. […] on Google and Feedburner’s parts. [SIGH] Of course these numbers COULD be accurate, perhaps my last podcast about Storychaser dreams offended lots of folks. (I don’t see how it could, […]

  2. Wesley,
    This podcast struck a chord with me and I was taken back to an idealistic time through the music and the sounds. I too feel optimism, hope and possibility in the air and I feel a bit of melancholy as if I were watching leaves turn to make way for the Spring’s green growth. Change is here and I feel it like wind and I want to trim my sail and chart a positive course to the future. The Peace Train idea is an amazingly simple, yet real one and I think it makes several points at once. While providing a platform for thinking in new and fresh ways about the idea of the “digital witness”, a concept dripping with new and old relevance, the journey would stitch together past and present before the eyes of our kids and ourselves. I want to be on the Peace Train.

  3. Simon says:

    Hey Wesley,

    I’m sorry that you feel you can be only cryptic about the changes a foot -I do trust it all works out well for you. Looking forward to seeing you in NZ later in the month – hope that’s still on the calendar.

    With your thoughts about train trips got me thinking about an experience I had as a kid. It was called “The Travelling College” – An especially eqipped ‘sleeper’ train that took a whole lot of us around the country. (This is per Chunnel) We did a field work project in London on day, awoke in Edinburgh the next to see the castle and then on to the Lake District… If only we were digitally connected back then!

    I had been thinking of this experience recently with the NZ government buying back the rail network.

    What an amazing opportunity.

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    Well, I’m hopeful I can be a bit more clear about these impeding changes in a couple weeks, Simon, certainly by the time I’m in New Zealand at the end of February. I am REALLY looking forward to that trip! Please do say hello when you seem me F2F!

    What a neat experience “The Travelling College” must have been! I’d love to hear more in person. You’re right, digital connections can and should transform opportunities to learn into shared experiences which are archived for the benefit of many.

  5. Wesley Fryer says:

    Kevin: I’m hopeful there may be an opportunity to be on that “peace train” together in 2010. We need to talk. 🙂

  6. […] I am captivated by the idea of students and teachers becoming “storychasers” on a train trip between different U.S. cities. Dr. Mike Searson of Kean University has been helping lead student trips to other countries, like Costa Rica for several years, on which students use blogs, digital cameras, video cameras, and media sharing websites to document as well as share their learning journeys with the world. I interviewed Dr. Searson at NECC 2007 in Atlanta about his experiences with iStories and student travel. There are multiple benefits to “storychasing” travel experiences like these, which combine travel and learning with the utilization of new media technologies including the social web. […]

  7. […] laptops, GPS, logboxes. Allowing there experiences to be shared with many, they will be our digital witnesses (Wes Fryer) Let them step out of the classroom and find out really how much they can learn from the […]

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