Last night I had the great pleasure of hanging out with some innovative teacher leaders in Maine in a spectacular spot on a “pond” in the southern part of the state. Coming from the midwest, I would have called this a “lake,” but I was told in Maine (when you have 40 x 10 mile lakes like Moosehead Lake to compare to) this was definitely a “pond.” Whatever you call it, the view was spectacular.

A beautiful Maine lake

Marco Torres taught me how to use the $3 iPhone app “Pano” to take a panoramic image of the lake scene, and I was amazed at the result! I had to change the program mode to “landscape,” and watch the right edge of the photo carefully so I could line it up with the partially transparent ghost image of the previous picture which Pano shows on the left side of the screen. I think the final Pano image below used about six different iPhone photos. After shooting the last one, I pressed “cancel” (to stop taking new photos) and then “make my panorama.” Whoa-la! An amazing panoramic image! View the original image (3892 x 754) on Flickr to see the full results.

A Panorama of a Maine Lake (or... pond!)

The following 95 second video gives a short tutorial on the use of Pano. What a great photography app for compelling landscapes you’d like to capture and combine into single image!

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4 Responses to Easy iPhone Panoramic photos with Pano

  1. Darcy Moore says:

    It is a useful app and Wesley, there’s a Flickr group with some fine examples.

  2. Nice pics. I miss the trees changing colors. Our cactus and palm trees just aren’t the same.

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Here’s another panorama I took today, this time of the waterfront in Portland, Maine. I’m totally blown away by the quality of what this $3 iPhone app can produce. WOW!

    Panorama of Portland, Maine Waterfront

  4. […] week in Maine, I was delighted to learn about the $3 iPhone application Pano which makes amazing panoramic photos easy to take and make. Today in […]

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