This weekend my son and I attended the 33rd annual Trappers’ Rendezvous near Newton, Kansas, along with about 4500 others. I created the following as a new entry in the “Tell a Story in 5 Pictures for Educators” Flickr group, using five of the 165 photos I published this afternoon after we returned. Alexander found an abandoned deer leg (strangely a popular item to trade among the Boy Scouts present) and “traded it up” for turkey feathers and then a railroad spike. The resident blacksmith graciously turned it into a hook, suitable for impersonating Captain Hook at an upcoming Halloween party or other similar festive occasion.

Look Dad! I found a deer leg!

Turkey feathers traded for a deer leg

A railroad spike traded for turkey feathers

The blacksmith heating up the railroad spike

The railroad spike hook!

The hook was certainly a better souvenir of the weekend to bring home than a deer leg!

Please join and submit your own entries to “Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators!” I’m sharing this open project (among many other things) tomorrow for teachers in Frontier Public Schools (Oklahoma) in a presentation I’ve titled, “Quick Victories for 1:1 Classrooms.”

H/T to Marco Torres for the term “Quick Victories” used in this context.

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2 Responses to From deer leg to Captain Hook’s hook

  1. Chan says:

    Wesley the hook is pretty cool but I think my son would have opted for the deer leg. More gross out factor for his sister and mother.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Yes, well we did have some Scouts in our troop last year who brought home deer legs, much to the chagrin of their parents… they thought it was very cool.

    I think it’s a sign our kids today need more experiences with hunting and cleaning game. 🙂

    Thankfully Alexander was not keen on bringing home a deer leg this year… It was great he found one, however, and it had “high value” for at least some other participants in the rendezvous!

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