Students in my Technology 4 Teachers (T4T) course are creating short VoiceThread digital stories as their first “miniproject” this semester. To assist them (and potentially help you) I created a seven-part screencast series this evening, demonstrating how to find copyright friendly images (using CompFight and FlickrStorm) as well as how to use VoiceThread to create a basic digital story. I need to continue thanking David Jakes for first introducing me to Flickr Storm, as well as inspiring me regularly with his wealth of digital storytelling resources and experiences. This is the VoiceThread (“Why I Love Severe Weather“) I created this evening for these screencasts.

One of the project options I’ve given my students for this VoiceThread assignment is contributing to the Great Book Stories project. You’re welcome to not only view and use the 60+ stories already in “Great Book Stories,” but also contribute your own! In addition to embedding these screencasts here, I also shared these on our T4T FAQ blog. I also cross-posted these to my YouTube channel, which is something the free screencasting website Screenr automates with just a few mouse clicks. (If Screenr goes away, it’s good to know these screencasts are still available somewhere else too!)

1 – Create a free Educator Account on VoiceThread (cross-posted to YouTube)

2 – Locate copyright friendly images with for an educational media project (link to Compfightcross-posted to YouTube)

3 – Locate copyright friendly images with Flickrstorm for an educational media project (link to Flickrstormcross-posted to YouTube)

4 – Part 1 of 3: Creating a VoiceThread (images) – (cross-posted to YouTube)

5 – Part 2 of 3: Creating a VoiceThread (comments) – (cross-posted to YouTube)

6 – Part 3 of 3: Creating a VoiceThread (sharing) – (cross-posted to YouTube)

7 – Embedding a VoiceThread on Blogger – (cross-posted to YouTube)

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