Let’s hear it for innovative ways to help students get more excited about reading… AND… the legal, transformative remixing of copyrighted works like the song, “I’ve Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas! The five minute YouTube video, “Gotta Keep Reading,” was created by students and staff at Ocoee Middle School, working with college students from Full Sail University.

This is exactly the type of multimedia remix Bob Lee (an ADE and the tech director in Pratt, Kansas) discussed in his MACE 2010 session, “Remix: Blending Creative Works to Show Mastery of Classroom Content.” The “Remix Framework/Workflow Video” Bob and his ADE team created this past summer at ADE camp gives an overview of what this process can look like in the classroom.

ADE Camp 2009 was held at Full Sail University. Students from Full Sail University assisted in the creation of the “Gotta Keep Reading” video. Mere coincidence? I think not. Creative folks work in groups and team up together. How wonderful the learners at Ocoee Middle School were able to team up with Full Sail creatives!

The dance in this video was based on the kick off party for Oprah’s 24th season, in which thousands participated in a flashmob dance to “I’ve Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas. If you’d like to see that original, it’s available on Oprah.com via DipDive.

H/T to Jacqueline Fell in her March 6, 2010, article, “Local Middle School’s YouTube Hit Gets Oprah’s Attention.”

According to Jacqueline’s article:

[Oprah] Winfrey told the students [at Ocoee Middle School] she and Target were going to give their library a complete facelift, with 2,000 new books and brand new computers.

Woo hoo! Rock and remix on, Florida learners! 🙂 Let’s hope Oprah let’s Ocoee teachers and administrators order Apple computers, because you KNOW Macs had to be used for a video creation this good!

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