If you’ve watched the official Apple commercial for the iPad (and perhaps even if you haven’t yet) you’ll likely find “The Doritos Tablet” spoof video hilarious! It’s 61 seconds long.

Get ready for that “multi-taste interface.” Welcome to “spice 2.0!”

H/T to one of my vendor friends here at the Palm Beach County Technology Conference, who shall remain nameless but whose tip is appreciated! Follow the conference all day tomorrow with the #pbtechconf Twitter tag. The Moodle website for the conference is exemplary, and has an amazing custom, mobile-compatible Moodle interface (looks great on an iPhone or Android) that was built in the last month by their district instructional technology team.

My opening keynote address tomorrow, Friday March 25th (CCC in the 21C -or- Tales of Digital Magic) begins at 8 am EST and will be webcast live on “The Education Network” (TEN) of The School District of Palm Beach County, along with other conference sessions throughout the day. The district is also simultaneously broadcasting the conference (starting at 8 am Eastern) on their local cable TV channel throughout the county. This year they are expecting about 3000 face-to-face conference participants.

I wonder if Doritos will be available at the conference this year? Probably not any THIS big! 🙂

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3 Responses to The Doritos Tablet – an iPad YouTube Spoof

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  3. Tim Mai says:

    Hello, My name is Tim Mai and I’m currently a student at the University of South Alabama. I’m majoring in History and Education. I am also taking EDF 315 with Dr. Strange and we are required to watch a few blogs. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching this video. It actually started to make me little hungry. I wish they really had chips that size. LOL! Awesome POST!

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