Congratulations to the following nineteen Oklahoma public school districts, who were awarded ARRA grant funds by the Oklahoma State Department of Education on Thursday, March 26, 2010.

  1. Anadarko Public Schools
  2. Briggs Public School
  3. Catoosa Public Schools
  4. Cordell Public Schools
  5. Crescent Public Schools
  6. Depew Public Schools
  7. Drumright Public Schools
  8. Gage Public Schools
  9. Grand View Public School
  10. Hartshorne Public Schools
  11. Howe Public Schools
  12. Maryetta Public School
  13. Norman Public Schools
  14. Pocola Public Schools
  15. Ponca City Public Schools
  16. Snyder Public Schools
  17. Tipton Public Schools
  18. Warner Public Schools
  19. Yarbrough Public Schools

The following Google Map shows the locations of these nineteen school districts, as well as three other Oklahoma school districts already implementing 1:1 laptop initiatives but not receiving new ARRA funds. Those districts are shown with red map pins. Districts receiving 2010-2011 ARRA funding are shown with green map pins. Two of these districts (Crescent Public Schools and Howe Public Schools) were already implementing 1:1 learning projects and are among the 19 receiving ARRA funding.

View 1:1 K-12 Schools in a larger map

I have created this Google Map to eventually show the location not only of Oklahoma school districts implementing 1:1 learning programs, but also schools in other states and locations. Knowing which schools in different states are implementing 1:1 learning programs is important information for leaders who do not want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to laptop projects. Last November, the Oklahoma State Department of Education partnered with the Anywhere, Anytime Learning Foundation (AALF) to provide information about successful 1:1 learning programs in other parts of the nation and world. This type of collaboration on best practices, lessons learned, digital curriculum utilized, etc. is extremely important and valuable. A Google Form is available if you’d like to submit the name and location of a K-12 school currently implementing a 1:1 learning initiative not included on this map already.

In the months ahead, our Storychasers Mobile Learning Collaborative will be reaching out to these 1:1 schools in Oklahoma to support collaboration, resource sharing, and professional development. It is going to be VERY exciting to follow the development of digital learning in these and other 1:1 schools. Leaders of our Storychasers non-profit will be attending and presenting at the upcoming Iowa 1:1 Institute in Des Moines on April 7, 2010. Hopefully the idea and value of building this collaborative map of 1:1 schools around the midwestern United States and elsewhere will resonate with others. The collaborative possibilities of work between 1:1 schools not only within Oklahoma, but also “across state lines” is exciting. In many ways, I think our digital collaborations together as learners and teacher-leaders have only just begun.

Karen Montgomery and I will be leading a 2+ day “Digital Magic Tricks” professional development workshop in Oklahoma City June 21-22, 2010. More information about the workshop as well as a registration link (also included on our PI4BL calendar) is available. Hopefully we’ll see several teams from our Oklahoma 1:1 ARRA schools attend and participate! Anyone interested in learning about “powerful ingredients for blended learning” is welcome!

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