The video “A Fair(y) Use Tale” was created in 2007 by Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University to illustrate key concepts of U.S. copyright law, exclusively using short clips from copyrighted Disney movies. The full video is 10 minutes, 14 seconds long.

This is a VERY clever as well as memorable way to encounter key copyright principles. I particularly like Chapter 4 of the video on “Fair use,” which begins at 6:21 of the YouTube posted version. I’ve added the parameter “&start=381” to the embed code, so it will start playing 381 seconds (or 6 min, 21 sec) into the video in this second version and start with Chapter 4:

H/T to Don Wilson Sr for sharing this video, and My Digital Life for sharing the YouTube start time embedding technique.

The two videos we currently use to help educators better understand copyright in our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices workshops are:

Get Creative (a 2002 video introducing Creative Commons)
Find more videos like this on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices!

Copyright, What’s Copyright (a 2009 video from the Media Education Lab at Temple University introducing the basic concepts of US copyright law: It was designed to promote creativity and balance the rights of owners and users)

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  • carla arena

    Fantastic, Wes! Thanks for sharing them. I’ll share them with the educators I work with.

  • Silvia Tolisano

    I have used the above “Disney” movie with elementary students before (very successfully). It started a lot of conversation. Students are becoming aware that they even IS copyright and pause to think BEFORE using just anything off the web.

    Great resource!

  • Wesley Fryer

    I extracted chapter 4 of this video and posted it (with linktribution) as a resource on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices.

    Find more videos like this on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices!

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