Cheryl Freeman is a math teacher at Canyon High School, in Canyon, Texas, and presented “Cool Tech Tools for the Classroom” on August 17, 2010 during the district’s annual professional development fall conference. I was not able to attend this session in person, but Debbie Boyer enthusiastically recommended Cheryl as an innovative presenter and Cheryl generously gave permission for me to record and share this session. The official description of the session was: Participants will experience easy ways to incorporate web and other technology into the classroom.  Examples include instant polling, cellphone activities, random student selectors.  Applicable to any grade level, but our focus will be 7-12. [END] All the websites Cheryl shared during this session are linked from her social bookmarks on

Show Notes:

  1. Social bookmarks of Cheryl Freeman (her links shared via for this presentation)
  2. Canyon High School, Texas
  3. Canyon ISD, Texas
  4. Photos from the Canyon ISD Fall 2010 Conference
  5. Presentation slides and videos from my presentation at Canyon, “Empowering 21st Century Learners

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