Greyson Chance is a twelve year old from Edmond, Oklahoma, whose 3.5 minutes of YouTube fame at a local church talent show singing a Lady Gaga song in April 2010 catapulted him to the Ellen Show and a musical recording contract. According a tweet by Ellen last week, retweeted by Greyson, he’ll will be back on her show next week, on Tuesday to debut his new single. This 1.5 minute video from a week ago provides a small window into Greyson’s studio recording experiences.

This past July for the Oklahoma Creativity Institute, organizers tried to contact Greyson to see if he could present for teachers. They were not able to get in touch with him, but learned he reportedly has the same New York agent used by Madonna. His new website ( looks very professional, and is powered by the commercial CMS Microgroove. Greyson now has over 280,000 followers on Twitter, and over 230,000 followers on YouTube.

One of my 5th grade students from last year told me Greyson is no longer attending Edmond Public Schools, but is being homeschooled as he travels to and from his California studio. Life can change quickly for young singers with musical talent in the 21st century.

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2 Responses to Following Greyson Chance’s Rise to Musical Fame

  1. It’s hard not to be touched by his rise to fame, and also his talent. He’s got one amazing voice.

  2. Brittney Jolly says:

    Hi my name is Brittney Jolly and I am student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class and I loved reading this post. I think young people who have a talent should get every opportunity they can to succeed. This young man is very talented and I feel that he will do great as long as he keeps trying.

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