Apple and creative app developers continue to amaze me with the magical power they have unleashed on iOS devices like the iPhone4. Thanks to the recommendation of Dr. Tim Tyson, this evening I used the $4 app ReelDirector on “my pocket computer” for the first time to edit and publish a new episode of my daughter’s “International Cooking Show” to YouTube. In the 7.5 minute video, Sarah demonstrated how to cook Peppermint Fudge Brownies. Since the bake time for her recipe was 25 minutes, the video was shot in two segments. Initially I downloaded these to my MacBook Pro laptop and used QuickTime Player 7 to merge the files. That process took over an hour, however, and resulted in a HUGE file that was 1 GB in size.

Huge combined file

These were my export settings.

Movie Export Settings

The ridiculously long time it took for that export made me think about editing and combining the video clips ON the iPhone4. I bought ReelDirector and watched this 3 min, 20 second tutorial to learn how to use it.

As advertised, the application was a breeze to use. I added an opening title along with closing credits, trimmed some extra video from the front of the first clip, and rendered the two clips as a combined movie. I then uploaded the final video directly to YouTube from my iPhone4, and posted it to our family learning blog. This entire editing and publishing process took about 20 minutes from start to finish. The final video, edited on the iPhone4, is just 157 MB in size and maintains the original 1280 x 720 HD resolution.

Final Video with ReelDirector: 157 MB

I’m sold on the value of ReelDirector for mobile video editing! When we have a little more time, I’m going to show Sarah how to edit her videos on the iPhone4 so she can handle these post-production decisions and tasks!

For more about mobile digital storytelling, see my November 14th post and screencast, “Mobile Digital Storytelling with StoryKit, Storyrobe, and SonicPics.”

You can edit and publish videos on an iPhone4 and 4th generation iPod touch using iMovie, but ReelDirector is backwards-compatible with older iOS devices also. iMovie for iOS isn’t. ReelDirector is also $1 cheaper!

iMovie for iOS

ReelDirector for iOS

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2 Responses to Mobile Video Editing with ReelDirector on an iPhone4 #edapp

  1. I am a huge Reel Director fan and am constantly amazed on what I can create on the mobile devices! Great post!

  2. paul shircliff says:

    Thanks Wes
    I bought it and will try it in the future

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