On December 2, 2010, I had an opportunity to visit Yarmouth High School, in Yarmouth Maine, with a group from Sweden touring innovative schools in the state implementing 1:1 learning projects as part of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI.) This tour was organized by leaders of the Maine International Center for Digital Learning (MICDL.) I am continuing to share a series of videos I recorded on the tour, and am creating an index page for these videos on wiki.wesfryer.com/videos.

In this video (1:19) taken from the start of our tour, Ben Nickerson, a senior at Yarmouth High School, welcomes our tour group and explains the format for our morning of learning alongside students and teachers.

In this 1:36 video, Ben explains how electronic collaboration at Yarmouth High School has made a wide variety of interactions easier and faster for students as well as teachers.

In this 1:23 video, Ben describes how students have increasingly taken on technology support roles during the school’s 1:1 learning project.

Many, many thanks to Alice Barr who facilitated this visit to Yarmouth High School for a great morning of learning!

Cathy Wolinsky, Sarah and Alice Barr

Learn more from Ben Nickerson as well as Ben McNaboe, the hosts of the Ben & Ben show, by viewing their 2010 K-12 Online Conference presentatation, “The Ben N Ben Show: Promoting Student Voice through a Student Hosted Webcast.” Visit their show’s homepage on Google Sites to access and view all their past episodes: sites.google.com/site/bennbenshow.

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3 Responses to Welcome to Yarmouth High School: 8 Years of Successful 1:1 Learning

  1. Alice Barr says:

    Wes: Thank you for sharing your videos and for having us be your first post of the New Year!. It is really fun to see our students in action. I rarely get to digest it all during the school visits. I love hearing them explain how laptops have impacted their learning. Ben and Ben have been great models of student leadership. Their influence is evident all over school and have had a positive impact on staff and students alike.

  2. BenN says:

    This is incredible! Wes, Thank you so much for featuring our high school. It’s exciting to see our accomplishments be highlighted on the web. I’m honored to be a part of your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Thanks!

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