These are my notes from Maria Henderson’s presentation on using iOS devices (specifically the iPad) at the TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference on 10 June 2011:


It is so important to talk about more than apps, managing devices in the classroom is critical

Bretford cart only certifies that a Mac / Apple computer (not a Windows machine) to charge and sync multiple iOS devices

Important for teachers to create a home base for students to start from at school and at home
– could be a wiki page, a Moodle page, etc
– this is where students go for files, handouts, content, etc

Maria’s site:
– this is a list of wikis for workshops I teach

– using a wiki is word processing on the fly

My idea playground is where I go to play with lots of sites, apps, etc

Accessibility feature of iPad as three finger, double tap to zoom in
– turn that on in iPad settings

Have you realized there is no “save” button on the iPad?
– the button in Safari on the iPad is “Share” not save
– this mirrors change we want to see in schools, we don’t live in silos, we need to share more

Every time my 14 year old prints he is finished with that work, it is dead to him
– digital documents can be different

Make your webpage an app by clicking the share button in Safari and choose “Add to Home Screen”

Syncing your devices to the cart is sometimes not as spontaneous as learning can be when you use a wiki
– you can distribute links, ebooks, more this way
– great to use the cloud

Isn’t it crazy that the iPad has just been out ONE year?
– every day there are new opportunities for what we use

If you are going to do a widespread implementation of iPads, it is a really good idea to get all your students their own email accounts
– use email as a tool to distribute content


You can create a free account on and have an email address students use to turn in their assignments – this is storage in the cloud
– kids just have to know an email address to turn in their work, each folder you have has it’s own unique address

THIS IS A WONDERFUL TIP!!! Evernote is like a digital trapper keeper

Volume purchase plan makes it much easier for each device to have it’s own license for each app

Proloquo2go is an expensive app schools are buying ($190)
– can replace a technology that costs $8000 – $10,000

Organization CK12 is resource for open source textbooks
– you can search for CK12 in iTunes to find these

Text in an eBook is “reflowable”

PDFs favor form over function
– the way it looks is more important than working with the document

ePubs favor function over form

All media must be in line when creating an ePub Apple has a free template for Pages available, which is good to use when creating ePubs
– this support page from Apple has great info on ePubs

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  1. Wendy Cotta says:

    Nice brief outline of tips for ipad implementation.

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