The Puffin Web Browser is a 99 cent application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which (unlike the default Safari web browser) supports Flash content. This means users can not only play fullscreen Flash videos natively on their iOS devices, it also means many Flash-based online games can be played.

I first tested the Puffin browser on my iPhone tonight on the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Ning website.

I was delighted to be able to view the Flash videos on the site on my iPhone.

This functionality is the same as the $3 Skyfire app provides. Skyfire does not support Flash-based websites like Club Penguin, however. The Puffin Web Browser does!

The only other app I’ve used to-date which supports Flash content like Puffin is CloudBrowse. CloudBrowse is not a local web browser like Puffin, however. It connects to a virtual computer (online in the cloud) running a desktop version of the FireFox web browser. It initially came in a free version, but that app is no longer supported.

The new, $3 version of CloudBrowse provides 10 minutes of web surfing per session. If you want longer sessions, a monthly subscription is required.

For the money it looks like The Puffin Browser is a better choice over CloudBrowse. Puffin is 99 cents and no subscription is required for unlimited surfing.

Be aware apps like CloudBrowse function similarly to an anonymous proxy service, so it can bypass local content filters. CloudBrowse is therefore not an application most schools will opt to install or formally support.

Documentation for The Puffin Browser indicates some websites, like Hulu, are NOT supported. I’m sure Hulu is keen for users to use THEIR app instead with a Hulu Plus subscription.

Hat tip to Kiwi educator Andrew Churches for sharing The Puffin Web Browser.

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2 Responses to Watch Flash Videos & Play Flash Games on iOS Devices

  1. Gene Carboni says:

    Was introduced to Puffin at #padcamp. Works great. Tried Skyfire, Cloud Browse and the rest but am sticking with Puffin.  Flash Videos and sites display easily.

  2. Kelly Jones says:

    Awesome post.Here’s a tool that lets your build your database apps in the cloud fast, and 

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