Podcaster is a wonderful, free $2 iOS application which supports podcast subscriptions, downloads, listening and sharing on the go. A sync to iTunes is NOT required. The latest version supports subscription backups and restores via Dropbox. In this post I’ll describe how to subscribe to a new podcast (on Podomatic) using Podcaster.

First, copy the podcast feed you want to add. Tonight I wanted to add the Podomatic channel feed for this month’s #wildtech conference in Montana. By searching Google for other Podomatic feed addresses I figured out the syntax. (The mobile version of Podomatic doesn’t provide a feed link.) In this case it is http://cspd.podomatic.com/rss2.xml.

Next, click the + button in the upper left corner.

Next, click the import button in the upper right corner.

Click and hold down your finger in the feed field and paste the address you copied. Click next.

Your new podcast should appear in your list of subscriptions.

Click on it to view available episodes.

In my case, I wanted to download Tony Vincent’s 2.5 hour “Project Based Learning for Novices” session. (An accompanying website is also available.) click the download button in the lower left corner to get a local copy. (If you don’t have your Podcaster preferences set to auto-download new episodes. I don’t.)

The episode should download to your iOS device, and will continue downloading in the background if you switch apps.

Use the backup option to upload a copy of your OPML file (podcast subscriptions) to your DropBox account.

Here is a link to my current Podcaster OPML file. (Updated 4 Sept 2012) Feel free to use it and add to your own subscriptions!

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