These are my slides and videos for the presentation, “Deepening our Learning Through Storytelling: creativity, STEM and stories” to be shared at Yarmouth High School (Maine) on September 28, 2011. As learners of all ages (teachers and students) we need to “play with media” and utilize media tools to communicate. Good stories start with good writing and an invitation to share. In this session we’ll explore and discuss examples of digital media focusing specifically on science and math themes.

These links are also available on my handouts wiki. The videos “Mathboarding” and Rate of Work” are from Rushton Hurley‘s wonderful digital storytelling archive, “Next Vista for Learning.” An audio podcast of this presentation is also available on “Fuel for Educational Change Agents.”




Sponsors of Tomorrow-Rockstar (30 sec)

Engineering Process with Michael Solomon (3:37)

Find more videos like this on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices!

Mathboarding (1:54)

Rate of Work (1:07)

The Importance of Art Class at School and Creativity (1:15)


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  3. Alice Barr says:

    Thanks again for presenting this. It received rave reviews! I so appreciate you coming to YHS!

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