Yesterday at the November 10, 2011, Innovative Learning Institute hosted by the K-20 Center at the University of Oklahoma, I shared a breakout session titled, “Improving Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills with Media.” The session description was:

Interested in helping students become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers? We need to “play with media” to become more effective communicators and improve our media literacy skills as both learners and citizens. As you learn to play with digital text, images, audio and video, you will communicate more creatively and flexibly with a wider variety of options. Author and educator Wesley Fryer will inspire and empower you, as a creative person, to expand your personal senses of digital literacy and digital agency as a multimedia communicator! Learn more, order Wesley’s eBook, and access session resources on

I shared my slides from this presentation on SlideShare and also recorded the 2nd session of the day on my iPad using the free app Cinch. At some point I may download the audio and sync it to the SlideShare, but for now I’ll share it “as is.” My favorite participant quotation of the day was from a teacher prior to the first session who asked at the door, “Is this the reading session?” I answered, “Yes it is!”

The 12 Days of Playing with Media (December 2011)

Be sure to also check out the new website I created this week ( for a series of 12 repeated workshops (24 in all) I’m offering face-to-face in Oklahoma City as well as over videoconference connections in December. You connect via Skype or H.323 video to these hour long sessions, which will be from 2-3 pm CST. We’ll be connecting via the amazing Blue Jeans Network. If you want to connect via your iPad, you can do so either using the free Skype app for iPad or the free Polycom RealPresence Mobile app for iPad. Face-to-face workshops will be held from 8:30 to 11:30 am CST, with locations in Oklahoma City still being finalized. Cost to attend each one is $50 per person for face-to-face 3 hour workshops, and $50 per site for each videoconference. Registration for all 24 sessions is available online via EventBrite.

I created an updated PDF flyer for this workshop series which you’re welcome to print and share.

12 Days of Playing with Media

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2 Responses to Improving Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills with Media

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  2. Adriennebabb says:

    Mr. Fryer, 

    My name is Adrienne Babb and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your session and learned a lot through it. I’ve always been aware of the importance in improving these skills in students but I never connected the use of technology with improving them.  I appreciate the information that you have provided and am more excited to begin implementing the many ideas and techniques to help my students in the future. I will be commenting on your post through my blog if you would like to visit: Adrienne’s Blog

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