This podcast by Wesley Fryer is an attempted synthesis of a variety of issues and updates mentioned in conference presentations, workshops, and news articles from the past several weeks regarding Oklahoma “educational reform” efforts. These include our state’s transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Teacher Leader Evaluation (TLE) system, proposed legislative changes for K-12 schools regarding virtual schools and other issues involving mandated, high stakes testing and teacher evaluation. As is the case with ALL the content on my blog, these opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my past, present, or future employers. Please share feedback or questions as comments to this post. Lots is happening in our state with respect to “school reform,” and we need to remain informed as voters as well as advocates for our children.

Show Notes:

  1. Oklahoma EDUshare
  2. Common Core State Standards Initiative (official website)
  3. Common Core Transition Ideas via Marzano (workshop notes, 26 Jan 2012)
  4. Transition to Common Core Standards by Jan Hoegh with Marzano Research (1 of 2 – 24 Jan 2012)
  5. Transition to Common Core Standards by Jan Hoegh with Marzano Research (2 of 2 – 24 Jan 2012)
  6. Teacher Leader Effectiveness (TLE) and the Tulsa Model (my notes at OAESP – 20 Jan 2012)
  7. What’s So Common About Common Core? (my notes at OAESP – 19 Jan 2012)
  8. NCLB Waivers: Implications for Testing, Standards Implementation (EdWeek blog post – 10 Feb 2012)
  9. Executive Summary of Oklahoma’s ESEA Flexibility Request (5 page PDF, from Oklahoma SDE website)
  10. Digital Learning Now (organization articulating Oklahoma’s current educational reform efforts)
  11. Roadmap for Reform from Digital Learning Now (includes 72 different metrics)
  12. 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning (note teachers and the importance of teacher/student relationships don’t figure high here)
  13. Supplemental Oklahoma Rules for K-12 Online Courses (my post – 17 Jan 2012)
  14. How to Make Your High School Students Fail Online Courses (my notes from ODLA – 9 Nov 2012)
  15. Standards Mapping the Common Core to Everyday Instruction and Teaching (my notes at OTA – 7 Feb 2012)
  16. A Call to Increase the Volume of our Profession in Educational Politics (my notes at OAESP – 19 Jan 2012)
  17. Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARC Consortium for CCSS Testing/Assessments, Oklahoma is a member)
  18. A Response to the Alleged Consensus on America’s Failing Schools (my post – 12 Feb 2012)
  19. Remember TEACHERS Make the Biggest Difference, Not Devices (my post – 20 Jan 2012)
  20. Anywhere, Anytime Learning by Janet Barresi (my notes at OTA/EncycloMedia – February 2012)
  21. Janet Barresi’s ODLA 2011 Keynote (my notes – November 2011)

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