I received an email recently from an Oklahoma teacher in a small, rural school district which just received their first classroom computers and needs help getting started with technology integration ideas. These were the five ideas I shared with her via email. What would you add to this list of suggestions?

  1. If you can, I’d recommend sending at least a few of your teachers to the upcoming Heartland eLearning conference at UCO the first week of March. This is geared toward eLearning but there are always good sessions and ideas relevant for K12 teachers. More info is on:
  2. The best conference of the year (in my opinion) in Oklahoma for K-12 technology integration was just last week, it was the OTA/EncycloMedia conference. They are going to have that conference both in the fall and spring next year, I think Nov 6-7 is the next one. Their website is: http://www.oktech.org The Innovative Learning Institute sponsored by the OU K-20 Center is also excellent, and is usually in November.
  3. I would recommend that you and your teachers watch some of the videos from the free K-12 Online Conference and use them for professional development. This is something I could possibly introduce to you in an after school session and you could continue to do. This is a free conference that has over 40 free videos published each year. The full schedule of presentations from last year is on:
    http://k12onlineconference.org/?page_id=824 I would recommend starting with some of the keynotes.
  4. My book has some practical ideas for ways to use media with students. You can find info about it on:
    http://playingwithmedia.com/pages/about There is an accompanying site of student projects that you can use to get ideas and resources. It’s on:
  5. OETT grants are one of the best ways to obtain both money for technology equipment and training as an Oklahoma school. Unfortunately the application deadline just passed. Information about this is on:
    http://oett.org/grantmaking/ (They provide grants to Oklahoma districts every year.)

I probably should have also let her know about Celebrate Oklahoma Voices workshops offered by Storychasers, but their school doesn’t have any funds currently for professional development and those training workshops aren’t free.

What suggestions would you provide to this elementary educator interested in getting technology integration training started at her small, Oklahoma school?

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