This podcast is a recording of Wesley Fryer’s keynote address on March 16, 2012, at the district professional development day of Yarmouth Public Schools in Yarmouth, Maine. The guiding question for the entire day of learning was: How can we inspire and empower ourselves as learners to create, play and share? The three “subquestions” which framed the day of professional development were: How will student demonstrations of learning be more innovative in my classroom? How will I as a teacher move toward more choices for students to demonstrate learning? How can I share or celebrate my students’ work? How do I balance learning the tool and using the tool for learning? [end of questions] This keynote kicked off the day, which included three panels of breakout sessions led by Yarmouth teachers, a work/play/practice time, and a group sharing time in the high school auditorium to round out the day’s learning. Please refer to the podcast shownotes not only for a link to the PD day wiki (which includes digital handouts for all sessions) but also to the websites I’ve setup for sharing eBooks as well as student media project examples.

Show Notes:

  1. Professional Development Day Website for Yarmouth Schools (16 March 2012)
  2. 90 second Introductory Video (created with iMovie for iPad by Yarmouth superintendent Judy Paolucci)
  3. Presentation slides available via SlideShare
  4. Waldseemüller map (English WikiPedia)
  5. The Importance of Art Class at School and Creativity (75 second video)
  6. Introducing Google Play (85 second video)
  7. Digitizing Student Portfolios with an iPod Touch (5 minute interview with Kern Kelly)
  8. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes (an ‘actor’s commentary’ video is also available)
  9. eBooks Sandbox: a space to share free eBook experiments
  10. Student Media Examples: Showcasing Student Work

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