Yesterday I shared an introductory professional development workshop in Yukon, Oklahoma, titled, “Apps and Clouds: An Introduction to Internet Resources.” This evening I published my presentation slides to SlideShare, published a “lightly edited” audio recording of the 98 minute session, and also created a linked webpage with all referenced resources and videos. Feedback for this session was very positive. Teachers enjoyed an opportunity to discuss a variety of trends, terms, and technologies which we are facing in our schools and society. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me present this session (or something similar) for your conference, organization or school.

Audio podcast on “Fuel for Educational Change Agents

Apps and Clouds: An Introduction to Internet Resources

  1. “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” eBook
  2. Waldseemüller map (WikiPedia)
  3. “Fourth Part of the World” by by Toby Lester
  4. fake newspaper headline/clipping generator
  5. Yukon student becomes eBook author” (NewsOK, 23 Apr 2012)
  6. Online Stopwatch (full screen)
  7. Instagram photo example: “Put Your Weapons on the Table!”
  8. Kevin Honeycutt
  9. Online Backup Options: CarboniteMozyCrash Plan
  10. Send To DropBox (free)
  11. Recommended iPad Productivity Apps from
  12. Nook display in Oklahoma City Barnes & Noble (pic)
  13. Student candidate allegedly hacks his own election results” (21 Apr 2012)
  14. Cloud App Bingo (Google Doc)
  15. Apple unveils iBooks Author, a Mac app for easy interactive e-book authoring (19 Jan 2012)
  16. Could tablets outsell PCs by next year? (Hint: yes) (2 Mar 2012)
  17. Texas district embarks on widespread iPad program (27 Feb 2012)
  18. Will Apple lawsuit mean cheaper e-books? (11 Apr 2012)
  19. The Apple ebook price-fixing lawsuit has terrifying implications (13 Apr 2012)
  20. An e-book unhappy ending (21 Apr 2012)
  21. NMC Horizon Report > 2012 Higher Ed Edition
  22. Evernote (recommended cloud-based service)
  23. DropBox (recommended cloud-based service)
  24. Pano App for iPhone
  25. Video: A Heartwarming Google Search Story of Education at Its Best in Maine (29 March 2012)
  26. Video: NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition (13 Feb 2012)

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