This iPad-edited podcast includes a 25 minute excerpt of the keynote address at the TechnoPalooza 2012 educational technology conference in Northwest ISD, held on July 24, 2012. In this excerpt, 8 year old Rachel Fryer shares about her experiences with Scratch software this summer in Scratch Camp. In addition, she tells some stories about how she co-created the eBook “Snowflake Gets Lost” last year in second grade, and demonstrates how she created an enhanced/multimedia eBook during “iPad Media Camp” this summer using the apps Story Patch and Book Creator. This is the first audio podcast I’ve attempted to create entirely on an iPad, using the free Hokusai Audio Editor along with other apps. Refer to the podcast shownotes for more information about other apps used, as well as websites Rachel referenced in her presentation. I’ll write a post soon detailing my lessons learned trying to create a multi-track audio podcast entirely on an iPad.

Show Notes:

  1. Hat tip to Joe Dale for sharing the Hokusai iPad app (free) which I used to create this multi-track audio podcast
  2. Rachel’s Scratch website profile
  3. Scratch Software (free for Mac and Windows)
  4. Download the “Snowflake Gets Lost” enhanced eBook (free)
  5. Book Creator for iPad ($5)
  6. Story Patch for iPad ($3)
  7. More links and resources about Creating Multimedia / Enhanced eBooks
  8. TechnoPalooza 2012 Keynote Presentation slides: Improving Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills with Media by Wesley Fryer
  9. iPad Media Camp
  10. TechnoPalooza 2012 Mobile website
  11. Scratch Camp Curriculum & Links (July 2012)
  12. Northwest ISD, Texas
  13. Levellator Software
  14. Switch Software
  15. Fuel for Educational Change Agents (Wesley Fryer’s secondary podcast channel)

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  5. I am very impressed by Rachel. She did an excellent job. Audio was a bit difficult to hear at times but I could tell what she was doing. Give her a BIG HUG for doing such a great job!

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