A select group of 19 K-12 teachers and teacher/librarians in the College Community School District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has been participating in a series of professional development workshops to further develop their skills with and understanding of digital literacy. As a culminating activity for a two day workshop on “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” with Wesley Fryer, teachers collaboratively interviewed six of their colleagues about their “digital learning journeys” and the ways they are reflecting their learning about digital literacy in the online digital portfolios they have been creating in the past several months. Check out the podcast shownotes for links to the individual posts which teachers created to accompany each interview at the close of the workshop. Learn more on maps.playingwithmedia.com.

Show Notes:

  1. Blog post setting up / defining this ‘radio show’ assignment and activity
  2. Amy’s Journey
  3. Jessie’s Digital Learning Journey
  4. Get out of my dreams and into my digital world – Kristi
  5. Brad’s journey to his own state of Digital Zen…
  6. Professional Development Journey (Dan)
  7. Journey into Digital Learning (Ryan)
  8. Referenced resources and links from the Oct 2-3, 2012 Workshop, “Mapping Media to the Common Core” with Wesley Fryer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  9. Prairie Pride Digital Literacy Professional Development
  10. Mapping Media to the Common Core: What Do You Want to Create Today?
  11. Interactive Writing (definition, workflow, tools, examples)
  12. Narrated Art (definition, workflow, tools, examples)
  13. Radio Show (definition, workflow, tools, examples)
  14. 5 Photo Stories (definition, workflow, tools, examples)
  15. Examples of Student Media Products (digital text, images, audio & video)
  16. Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing (eBook)
  17. Follow Wesley on Twitter: @wfryer

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